Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trunk or treating

My daughter's school had their first annual Trunk-or-Treat this evening. Beautiful evening, good time had by all. My favorite trick-or-treaters are the really little ones and the babies. Particularly the babies- something about how at the mercy of others they are- swaddled in exaggerated ridiculousness, peering helplessly out from overstuffed pumpkin suits, ladybugs and whatever else. Not begging for mercy, just blithely unaware. It's adorable.

Of course, some of the husbands looked that way too. Not the adorable part, but certainly stuffed into pumpkin suits, bee suits, exaggerated ridiculous, and blithely unaware would apply...

The world is a lovely, wide open place

I've been reading blogs for quite awhile now- it just seems time to step out there and do my own thing too. There's a full household here; me, Hubby, Sunshine-my very talkative and enthusiastic 6 yr. old daughter, and...hmm...what name would he like? Maybe StigJr.? Or Stig2? I'll go with Stig2. He's my 12 year old son, who loves all things boy, and is quite fond of Top Gear on BBCAmerica. Seems appropriate for him.

We're also hosts to one dog, three cats and a couple of Betta fish. I'd say we own them, but of course, it's more the other way around. I like Rita Mae Brown's saying, "Dogs have owners, cats have STAFF." Except, it seems to apply across the animal spectrum at our place.

So I'm joining the party, stepping out of my comfort zone, you know. And, I think this should be fun. If I can just stop reading other folks' blogs endlessly so I can attend to my own...