Saturday, February 26, 2011

She's going to do WHAT!??

That is my daughter there, in the green.  This was one of the very best days of this school year.  Unfortunately, most of the rest have not been anything close to this day.  It has been a very trying year- for all of us.  We are saddened that this schooling journey has not worked out as we had hoped.  And so,  the plan for next year is to make some amendments.  Pretty drastic amendments- for next year we are planning to homeschool our SunshineGirl.  I'm excited and thrilled, and scared to death.  I have a lot of great information, and have been fascinated by homeschooling for many years now- so mentally I know I'm ready.
But being mentally ready and being REALLY ready are worlds apart.  I know it will be an amazing journey, and I cannot wait to begin it.  Thank goodness she is so excited about it.  I hope I can live up to half of her expectations- because she seems to be under the misguided belief that I have it all together.  Hah!  Silly girl. (...must get busy...must get busy...)

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