Saturday, November 7, 2009

The fantasy...

This is the barn that my great-grandfather built when he was a young man and he owned this land. Someone else owns the land now, and I'm sure has no idea who built this derelict old barn on their land. My parents own land not too far from this barn, and it is land that has been in our family for several generations, it is just that this piece of land has passed out of our hands.

So I wonder at myself. I wonder if this is not the root of this fantasy life I am so fascinated by. You know, the "living on a farm, growing a great garden, being more rooted, more connected to the earth" fantasy. I've been intrigued with the urban/rural question most of my life. I grew up living in Dallas, and traveling to my grandparent's farm for a couple of weekends every month, helping them tend the cattle. So that is definitely straddling the two worlds. But, since high school, I have been an urban being. I suppose it is longing for that balance I once had. How lucky was I?

Well, I am a decided urbanite now- in a suburb, in the middle of a city. I have a job, two children and lots of commitments. There is very little time for nature. And that is wrong. But, it's pretty tough to carve space to fit in more of the fantasy.

But, I'd like to. So, the question now is- how do I go about it?

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